Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Scrapbooking Daisy

You Should Take Up Scrapbooking
You are a very down to earth person. You are much more concerned with what is actual than what is possible.
You are a total homebody. For you, there is nothing like the comfort of home.
You are family oriented. Some of your best memories revolve around the family dinner table.
You love to create and preserve sacred memories. You are a very nostalgic person.

Your Spirit Flower is the Daisy
You value close relationships with friends. You count on your friends as much as they count on you.
You are completely unpretentious and carefree. All you care about is whether someone is a good person.
You are a natural counselor. You listen well and give out good advice when needed.
You love all of life's simple pleasures. You find a lot of joy in a walk outdoors or a day at the park.

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