Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A few Blogthings, while uploading stuff...

You Are a Good Friend
You are reliable and dependable. You can be counted on, through thick and thin.
You are full of common sense and every day wisdom. You are street smart.
You are conscientious and organized. No detail slips past you.
People often say you would make a great therapist. You are an excellent listener, and you never judge.

You Are Fired Up
You are bold, adventurous, and even brazen. You feel like the world is your oyster.
You value your time, and you treat it like it's precious. No one is allowed to waste it.
You function well with heavy work loads. You like being and staying productive.
You are direct and to the point. You rather not waste time with small talk.

You Are Outgoing
You almost always have the most fun in a group. You go through withdrawal when you're not with your friends.
People love being around you. You have a great sense of humor, and you love to entertain others.
You are complimentary to those around you. If someone does something noteworthy, you notice and mention it.
You see the good in every single person. And you never expect your friends to be perfect.

You Want to Talk to Someone Playful
You love people who are ready to flirt, play, and exchange witticisms. You like a good conversational sparring partner.
You're a very clear thinker. Your ideas are rarely half-baked and almost always make sense.
You are a bit of a gossip, but only in a lighthearted way. You love to talk about people you know.
You are quite attractive, and you know it. You can tell when you've caught someone's eye.


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