Sunday, 10 July 2011

Hmmm, I wonder if I should taste this Astral..

I think I've just found a new favourite moisturiser.. :o Does it make me all peachy? Does it make me appear 20 years younger? No idea, but it's cheap, and it's not tested on animals! =D (Yes, it was a case of buy first and google later, but I really needed to buy something, and didn't want to pay much for it..) Astral Light & Creamy was €3.99 at Dunnes. And yes, now that I've typed its name, I realise that it actually sounds a bit like a yogurt or such.. (LOL, I just checked Facebook, and a friend had also made a yogurt comment!!) Anyway.. I've just Astralised my face, and so far it's all good.. Smells nice, no rash.. =P

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