Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Deep / Self-Reliant

You See Love as Deep
You trust others without abandon. You know it's important to take that leap of faith.
You know that love isn't easy for any of us, but you keep trying. You never give up hope.
You have a quiet serenity and spirituality. You find meaning in so much of this world.
You believe in soul mates and true love. You take love as seriously as it deserves to be taken.

(I've actually ever met just one person who's 100% trustworthy. I'd never trust anyone else.)

You Are Very Self-Reliant
You are living your own life and getting things done. You are good at taking care of yourself.
You are very independent and headstrong. You surprise yourself with your own strength.
You stand up for yourself and take charge of chaotic situations. You are assertive and responsible.
You do how you please and always look out for yourself. You love yourself and are happy that you put yourself first.

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