Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bray Town Council / motor taxation office aggro

Having passed my theory test, earlier on today (in Wicklow Town - see my previous entry), I got the learner permit application form from Bray garda station, and came home to fill it in. I then checked that I had all the necessary documents, and as it was only around 3:30pm, I thought I might as well go and apply for that learner permit today, rather than leave it for tomorrow.

I googled for Bray Town Council website (as the local motor taxation office is in their newish building), and had to spend some time to actually find any opening hours at all. Not on the front page, not on the Contact page, not on the Staff page... Finally, under "Roads", one block of text included the following;

calling into our offices between 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm Monday-Wednesday and between 9am-5pm Thursday and Fridays

That was the only part of their website where I saw any mention of opening hours. (There may be other pages where this info is mentioned, but I only checked the ones that were even remotely related to either their offices or motor taxation in general.)

So, they'd be open until 5pm - awesome.

I got a lift up, had my documents ready, and the first thing I see when I go in, is a big feckin' sign, saying that motor taxation office is only open on three days (not 100% sure if the first day was Monday, but the other two were Wednesday and Thursday) per week, from 10:30am to 2pm!!!

I was in state of utter disbelief, so had to actually ask the guy at the reception to verify what the sign said. He did. I told him that they should mention this on their website. He said yes, but I didn't get the impression that he'd be interested enough to actually suggest that to anyone.

I was really pissed off.

It's 2011, and it takes a few seconds to update a little bit of simple information on a website, so it's totally unacceptable that Bray Town Council have failed to do so. Fine, they have a fancy sign about it inside the building, but you'll have to waste your time first, to get there and see the sign.

It seems that they spent all their money on that fancy new building, so now there's none left to actually keep its offices open (or even update the website)...

At least it's Thursday tomorrow, and the office will be open. I'd have been royally pissed off, if I had to wait several days until I'd even get to apply for the learner permit!

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