Saturday, 3 September 2011


Tuna salad.. Tuna salad
I had a longish break from tuna, but now it's back, and I've been having lots of tuna salads again. My current favourite is a salad with iceberg lettuce, a tin of tuna (minus some cat treats), feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, stuffed green olives, and salad cream. One day, I was a bit short of ingredients, so I used a tin of Green Giant sweet corn, but that was just way too sweet for salad.. I love it on its own, and so do the cats, but NOT in salad.

I've been having chicken noodles as well..



  1. a german friend olf mine usually makes a salad with:

    -Feta cheese
    - Nuts

    It is easy to do and really tasty

  2. That actually sounds very nice.. =)