Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I may be kicking myself, later today...

So, I'll be taking the driver theory test, later today, and if I get very unlucky with the questions, I'll be kicking myself for not actually having spent more time with the CD.. (It's frustrating that you don't have a handy option to minimise it - who seriously has the time to go through all those questions in one go, anyway? Also, questions like "which of these four situations are incorrect? - select three answers", make me aggressive! FFS, only one of those situations is CORRECT, why don't you just ask us to select that one?!? ARGH!) I might also be the only person on the planet, who constantly confuses gears with music..? There's no problem when using the numbers, but when talking about high or low gear, that just activates my mindPlayer, and that's where I could easily go wrong.. *must.. concentrate...*

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