Friday, 23 September 2011

Stupid bearded carjacking cunt in Delgany

Not happy with some bearded cunt at the pictured place (above) in Delgany, earlier on today. (NOT the guy in the photo, btw! It was an older man, with almost white beard.)

We were going to the Classic Motorcycles, which is behind the buildings you see in the photo, but some idiot had blocked the way there - and the idiot seemed to be the bearded cunt, actually..

Above; #1, The pink X is for Classic Motorcycles, and the pink line shows the way there..

#2, We were in the "blue" car, the idiot had blocked the way with the "red" car, and there was a smaller, "yellow" car, parked, with L plates on. (Not the actual colours of the cars, just to clearly represent them on the map..) So, as D was only going to collect something, which would take a minute, he left the car there - after all, if the red car had blocked the way for anyone trying to get past, they could certainly live with being blocked for a few minutes. (You'd think..)

#3, As soon as D had walked around the corner (I was waiting in the car), the bearded cunt came out and moved his "red" car, parking it where he should have parked it in the first place, behind the "yellow" car..

#4, Soon after, the bearded cunt came to D's car, opened the door, and sat on the driver's seat, without even saying anything to me! I asked him, "What are you doing?!", and he said he was moving the car as it's blocking the way. WHAT A FUCKIN' CUNT!!! I told him that we wouldn't even be there, if the other car (=his car!) hadn't blocked the way to where we were going, but the cunt just gave me attitude.

For starters, I don't generally like people, anyway, so I'm NOT happy about some fuckin' idiot violating my space like that. Also, he knew where the owner of the car was (=just around the corner), so he could, and SHOULD have gone and asked HIM to move his car - he had NO RIGHT to just hop in and start driving! That's a carjacking. Carjacking is a crime.

Besides, that stupid cunt couldn't even park! He left the car all arseways. I have about 15-20 minutes of driving experience, at this point, but I'd have parked it better, FFS.

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