Friday, 7 October 2011

Does my bum look big in this? [/rhetorical question]

I've had two occasions where I had to miss extra work because I didn't own a 'smart outfit'. So, the other day, I went to Dunnes Cornelscourt, hoping to find something like that - which, in my case, would probably have to be a maxi dress or such. (I'd love a black / dark one with no pattern, at least 3/4 sleeves, and no frilly stuff or other decorations.. I've seen loads of lovely ones online, but I don't want to buy something without trying it on first.)

I found nothing. Just fancy tops, but I'd still need a long skirt or something, and they'd none.

Yesterday, I realised that I'd actually need some other clothes as well, so I went to Bray Dunnes. Much smaller selection, of course, but I was alone, so there was no hurry. I bought some wintery things (mmmm, warm..), but I still don't own a 'smart outfit'.


  1. I really like that one on second and third pics on the first row. Nice tops otherwise too, but that's my favorite. :)

  2. It's my sausage skin top =D LOL