Monday, 17 October 2011

My nuked gourmet breakfast :-#

Gourmet breakfast =P
One egg, two slices of mild cheddar (chopped), one frankfurter (chopped), drop of oil (to make the nuked omelette easier to slide from the bowl to the slice of buttered rye bread).. Mix all these in a bowl, and nuke for 30 seconds.. There's going to be a 'ring' of omelette in the bowl, so use a fork to break the ring and move it to the centre of the bowl, leaving the raw egg around it - then, nuke for another 30 seconds, and it should all be done..

Meanwhile, you'll have buttered your Finnish rye bread (don't have any? tough.. nah-nah-na-nah-na!), and maybe sprinkled some Herbamare on it (optional).. So, just make a sambo with the nuked omelette, and remember that it'll make a huge mess when you eat it as the butter will be dripping all over the place, but it's Ooohhh, So Good..

Gourmet breakfast =P Gourmet breakfast =P
Triple espresso & Danone Greek yogurt for dessert =P

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