Wednesday, 19 October 2011

RAW day, yesterday

RAW day RAW day
I had an extra day on RAW, yesterday. There was a bit of drama at Bray DART station, in the morning - I was just getting my ticket, when the breeze took my tenner, and flew it towards the tracks! :O So, I rushed after it, and it was looking really bad.. It went under some booth or vending machine, and I actually dashed through the gates without a ticket (after someone who'd just gone through), determined to do everything possible to get my tenner back.. Luckily, someone saw it and stepped on it, so I did get it back! Awesome!! =D (Then I had trouble getting back through the gates, to actually buy a ticket, lol..)

I had Valentine in the bag, but didn't take her out at all, taking mobile snaps instead.. I'm a bit annoyed with Nokia again.. I took a nicer snap (than the one on top right) while waiting for the 151, and it was saved as I remember hearing the camera sound, and then seeing the photo on the screen, after taking it - I was even pleased to find that the car that had just passed, hadn't ended up in the picture, because the camera is a bit slow, and I'd tried to time the snap between cars.. However, when I browsed the pics, later on, there was no sign of that photo! My Nokia 6700 Slide has been losing photos before.. I'm probably never going to buy a Nokia phone again. Fuck them. I want something reliable.

I don't really know D3 at all, but had no trouble finding the unit base, thanks to Google street view & Dublin Bus route planner. Anyway, we only stayed there for breakfast and a little bit of waiting around, until getting a minibus to the location;

RAW day RAW day
We had a really nice room there, with comfy seats, and the scene took place just outside. Lots of sitting and standing around, miming chats.. Walking & pretending to be on the phone.. (I hate miming, lol..)

We were done early, maybe soon after 2pm, so I walked back to Tara Street, enjoying the sun - it was very breezy, though. I could have taken some nice Dublin pictures, but I was lazy =P I was also really happy about having packed a sambo in the morning, because we didn't get any lunch (due to being done so early), so I was really hungry, and I'd have hated having to buy an expensive sambo.. So, I enjoyed some Finnish rye bread on the DART =)

I took some pics, later, during a spin (Greystones, Delgany, Newcastle, Rathnew, Ashford, Tiglin, Roundwood..), but I haven't uploaded those yet. After the spin, I was so tired that I went for a nap around 6pm, and woke up at 5:30am..

It looks like my Savage Eye trauma will be cured, on Friday! =D (I had to turn down an extra day on it, last year, because I didn't have suitable clothes for the scene, and I've been devastated ever since as I love The Savage Eye..)

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