Friday, 21 October 2011

The Savage Eye, games, sushi, tattoo stuff, etc.

On the DART (The Savage Eye extra day) On the DART (The Savage Eye extra day)
Early DART again as I had to be in Dublin at 8am today, for The Savage Eye sketch =D (Finally, I got to be an extra on it! LOL)

The Savage Eye extra day @ Banba Toymaster Dublin Playmobil INCUBATOR?!? WTF?!? (The Savage Eye extra day)
It took place at Banba Toymaster toy shop (Mary St., D1), and it'll be on the Christmas special, apparently, which will be shown on either Christmas Day or St. Stephen's Day. It was great fun shooting it (ooh, Shnooks..), and there was also time to loiter and browse toys. For example, check out the picture on top right - Playmobil INCUBATOR!?! WTF?!? Not to mention, the satanic looking doctor that comes with it - "DIE, baby! DIE!!" :o ???

The Savage Eye extra day @ Banba Toymaster Dublin
We were done at 11:30am, and as I was near Snakebite, I popped in to see if they'd have time to retouch my tattoo. I got an appointment for 12:30pm, which left me some time to kill, so I went to GameStop again, to get the recently released EP; The Sims 3 Pets. I happened to see an interesting hidden object adventure game as well, Stray Souls Dollhouse Story. It was cheap, so I bought it.

Kokoro sushi bento, Dublin Kokoro sushi bento, Dublin
I was also a bit hungry, and just happened to notice a sushi place nearby - Kokoro Sushi Bento. I got one of their cold trays, which comes with miso soup, and OMG it was so good.. *drool* I have to say, though, I was terribly rusty with my chopstick skills! LOL Didn't make a mess, though, and managed to eat everything, haha. I definitely want to go to that place again.

Kokoro sushi bento, Dublin

I still had some time to kill, after lunch, so I checked some nearby cheapo shop (they had mainly Christmas stuff, already!), and Christian Publication Centre, where I would have liked to browse more stuff, only I had to rush back to Snakebite =) I bought two magnetic Nativity jigsaw puzzles, though.

I had my tattoo retouched
Erin retouched my star, and it looks perfect now =) It didn't cost anything, either.

Then I came back to Bray, and it felt strange to have done so much already, yet it was only about 1pm when I was waiting for the DART back! :o

The Sims 3 Pets (EP) Stray Souls Dollhouse Story
Here's my shopping - pictured later, at home.

Magnetic Nativity jigsaw puzzle

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