Friday, 16 December 2011

Blogger to Google+ (profile change)

I've just switched my Blogger profile to Google+. Above, a screenshot of the pre-switch screen..

I would actually prefer to have my blog profile info separate from my Google+ profile info, but I thought that this would eventually simplify things, and maybe it would happen anyway, at some point.. So, here goes..

So far, I haven't noticed any other changes in my blog than a different profile picture (from my Google+ profile), slightly longer profile text (also from G+, obviously), and the link to my full profile now goes to my Google+ profile, rather than the old Blogger profile, which doesn't exist anymore unless I switch back within 30 days - I don't think I will, though.

After switching, I got the option to select which (if any) of my side blogs I'd want to display in my Google+ profile.

There seems to be no change in accessing my blog dashboard, and everything looks the same..


  1. Anonymous5:28 am

    hi Stella i denied that service, tell me how to get links to the settings?

  2. If you haven't changed yet, you probably have that option somewhere on your dashboard. I wouldn't know as I've already changed my profile.