Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I want a simple black maxi dress with long sleeves - help?

I'd really like to buy a maxi dress almost identical to the one in this picture I saw on Pinterest, only I'd want it in black, and no open shoulders or any frilly stuff. Other than that, it's perfect.

I know I could probably find one somewhere online, but I really don't want to buy any clothes unless I can try them on first. Also, I definitely wouldn't be paying much for it, either.. (=Must be less than €100, a lot less would be fine..)

I really don't have any 'smart' clothes, and I have actually had to turn down extra work on several occasions because of it.. So, if anyone happens to know where in Bray / Dublin (or nearby areas) I might find a simple black maxi dress (with long sleeves), please share =)

Edited 31/08/2013; I've replaced the old Pinterest code with the new widget as the old picture didn't come up anymore.. Also, I did find a maxi dress - picture here. It's not exactly what I was looking for, being sleeveless and having a pattern in front and back, but I can use a long-sleeve top underneath, so it's OK.


  1. I have a maxi dress that I have used only once and is almost simple, but if I remember correctly it is sleeveless as if I remember correctly I used a scarf with it. Will take picture later today and pm you.
    How about a long skirt and a long sleeve shirt? That combination I have also one (=one black maxi skirt + many black shirts) all bought from Evans in Dublin (now there is also one here in Drogheda)

    1. Funny - I actually bought my dress at Evans Liffey Valley! =D I'd never been to their shop before, but Maaria knew the place, and we were shopping..

  2. I have black shirts and skirts. I want a maxi dress, and it has to have long sleeves. It has to be exactly like the one in the picture, but without frillies and open shoulders, and it has to be black.

    I checked out the dresses section on Evans website, but they didn't have what I'm looking for.