Sunday, 29 January 2012

Infernal snooker sound

I can't tolerate noise or annoying sounds - especially when there's no necessity for them. Meaning, I do hate sounds such as pneumatic drill and reversing truck beep, but certain stuff can't be done without the drilling, which causes noise, and you DO need to hear a reversing truck (at least in situations of limited visibility), so I understand that some noise is there for a reason, and I can live with that..

However.. I was just having my Sunday dinner downstairs, and there was snooker on the telly.. I don't watch snooker, but I don't usually mind it as it's kind of pleasant, and sometimes the commentary can be quite funny as well. But this time, something was different..

Now, there is this infernal beeping sound, which is apparently some kind of a timer alert, and it's MUCH worse than a reversing truck beep!

I mean, FFS!!!

What kind of a fuckin' IDIOT would even suggest such a sickening sound for a timer alert?!? Whoever had that brilliant idea, should have their whole family gang-raped, tortured and killed while they have to watch it, and then have the same experience.. (OK, maybe not quite that drastic, but I kind of wanted to highlight how much I hate that idiotic and infernal sound..)

I actually wouldn't be surprised if a snooker player went ballistic, one of these days.. It must be hell - having chosen such a 'sophisticated' sport and made it to the top, only to end up being tortured with this sickening beep..

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  1. Hah! But yes, hate that sorts of sounds myself. Alarm clocks are from hell and most ringtones make me want to hit someone. In the face.