Friday, 3 February 2012

About the Irish course, etc.

I'm still alive, I've just been working on rewriting my course notes from Wednesday evening (Irish) - 18 pages of them.. I'm loving it, though!

Obviously, I've been online as well, but it's easy to Facebook and Pin(terest) something while doing other stuff (those course notes, fixing a laptop, watching telly), whereas it takes a bit more time and concentration to blog something.

I've only had two evenings of Irish, but I have learned so much already.. We do A LOT, in the two hours we have, and the teacher often gives us something to read, or questions to answer, while she'll explain some unrelated grammar stuff on the whiteboard, making lots of notes.. I don't want to miss any of the notes, so by the time she asks us something based on the text or such, I'll barely have had a moment to look at it :o Still, the whole course is only ten evenings (20 hours), so it feels like great value for the money, to be learning as much as possible.

In the first evening, there was a lady from Canada, who had absolutely no Irish. I didn't really have any, either, but I've been here for 15 years now, and I used to watch Ros na Rún for years, so I have picked some random stuff.. Still, the first part of the first evening, felt quite overwhelming to me - it must have felt even more overwhelming to that lady as she didn't come back for the second evening =( It just seems a shame as she'd paid for the course, anyway. Before it started, I decided that I'll attend every evening as I've paid for it - even if it's totally overwhelming. At least you'll learn something, surely.. And I have already learned loads!

My old Irish books now make more sense, too. There's no way I could have properly learned this stuff on my own as Irish is so completely different from most other languages - and certainly from all languages I know.. It wouldn't be that hard to learn something like French or Spanish without taking a course, but I did really need to take a course to get started with Irish.. And it's still not easy, but at least it is starting to make more sense!

I still have eight weeks left, but I'm already wondering what I'll do after the course is over. I don't want to get lazy about it and "forget" to regularly read something in Irish, or otherwise use the language to keep it up and learn more.. Maybe I'll move to Carraroe? LOL

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