Saturday, 25 February 2012

Versatile comfort food - fried spuds

Fried spuds, onions & eggs
I rarely cook anything as I don't have my own kitchen, but I didn't go out yesterday, so there was no food in the house and I was sick of sambos.. So, I decided to make this 'comfort food' =)

Ingredients: two big spuds (I used Rooster), one onion, two eggs.. cooking oil (and some butter) for frying.. Herbamare (herbal salt), garlic powder and black pepper for seasoning..

(Spuds and onion are pretty necessary, I think, but you don't need eggs.. Also, you can add fried rasher bits, sausage, salami, or whatever you like.. If you don't want to mix eggs with the rest, try frying an egg separately and slide it on top of everything when serving it.. You can also use whatever you like for seasoning - salt / black pepper / white pepper / garlic powder / curry powder / cajun powder.. This would also make a good side dish for burgers or such..)

Some people pre-boil the spuds (or use leftover boiled spuds), but I think that it can easily make this stuff too mushy.. I prefer to cube the spuds quite small, and just fry from raw.. My method: cube the spuds quite small (I use them unpeeled, but if you prefer, peel them before cubing..), and chop the onion as well.. heat plenty of cooking oil in a large frying pan (note: the spud bits are not supposed to swim in the oil, but you don't want the pan to get all insta-dry, either, once you add the spuds..) Once the oil is quite hot, add the cubed spuds.. Fry them for a while, occasionally mixing them around.. Then, add the chopped onion.. You can add seasoning already, or later, it doesn't really matter when you do it.. This is also where I added some butter - it's not necessary, but it adds to the flavour.. The only way to tell when the spuds are done, is to occasionally taste a piece =) Once it seems ready to eat, add the eggs, and mix them in well.. It won't take long for the eggs to be done.. Remember to taste if you're happy with the seasoning - add some, if necessary.. And finally, serve it! =)

Tip: My stepdad also adds dry bread crumbs, which works really well with this stuff!

Tip2: Kids and ketchup fans might like to have this stuff with ketchup.. Mayo might be nice, too..


  1. This looks and sounds really good, Stella! I am going to have to try it.

  2. I hope you'll like it =)

    I actually like it in room temperature or fridge cold as well, so if I ever make too much, I'll just cover it with a lid (if I'm planning to eat it later on the same day) or put it in the fridge (if I'll have it on the following day). And you can microwave the leftovers, of course..

  3. Thanks for the tips, Stella. I think I will attempt to make this over the weekend. I have all the ingredients, and I will have more time to make this at my leisure.