Thursday, 22 March 2012

Facebook works in mysterious ways

I got a Facebook message from a friend, earlier on today. She was wondering why she can't see my stuff on the feed anymore, and my profile seems like I've restricted her access.

This was very strange as I know that I hadn't touched any settings, which could cause a change like that, and I also know that no one else has access to my Facebook account. (In fact, should anyone else somehow manage to log in to my FB account, I'd get an email about it - I've tested this by accessing my account from different devices, and the email notification has worked fine. I've only accepted my laptop and my phone, and those are always with me or otherwise quite impossible for others to reach, so..)

Anyway, I went to check my setting for this particular friend, and all seemed fine. I had her listed on three different friend lists, none of which has restricted access.. I have a separate friend list TO restrict access, which is mainly for complete strangers who are on my Facebook contact list for gaming reasons or such.

I removed my friend from all those friend lists, after which she could see my posts again! I then added her back to all the same friend lists, after which she could still see my posts! I mean, that's how it was supposed to be, but I just can't figure out why Facebook had suddenly restricted her access to my posts, although the settings didn't seem to have changed at all?!? Removing friend listings and readding the same listings, fixed the problem.

I'm glad that we got it fixed, but I'm just wondering how often does something like this happen? I still wouldn't have any idea, had my friend not contacted me to ask about it! Who knows, I might have many friends who can't see my posts, although they should! (If you're on my contact list, and can't see my posts, please do contact me about it! However, if you're on my contact list, but don't really know me at all - as in, we just play the same FB games or such - then you probably are on my restricted list..)

In general, if you suddenly can't see a Facebook friend's posts / profile, but you're still on their friend list and can't think of any reason why they would have limited your access to their postings, it's probably a good idea to contact them and ask about it. It could be a Facebook glitch, and your friend might not have any idea that you can't see their posts!


  1. Sounds interesting. Good to know, though I've been on a FB hiatus for a while now and don't know what's going on around there. Feels good, btw. Highly recommended! ;)

  2. As long as I'm in Bray, I've nothing else to do, so I don't see a Facebook hiatus in my future anytime soon..

  3. Hi Stella,

    Sorry to hear this is happening to you. I began a Facebook hiatus today as I have lots of things to do. I will keep posting on my blog, though. There are so many glitches on Facebook, especially since they implemented the Timeline. Hope things will work better for you in the future.

  4. It's not really bothering me directly as everything is working fine for me, but at least one of my friends wasn't seeing my posts. This is something that COULD be happening to everyone, which is why I blogged about it. There's no way you'd ever know about it, unless your friends contact you and mention it.