Sunday, 18 March 2012

How to get rid of Pinterest spam pins

I made this, after finding a pin on my board, which I hadn't pinned, and which didn't even have the Edit button anywhere to be seen, so that it could be deleted.

Follow the easy instructions mentioned in the above picture, and you can easily remove the spam pin/s. (Feel free to share it on, embed, link, etc..)


  1. Awesome - thank you! How do they spam our pin boards anyway?? Bizarre.

  2. you are AWESOME. Thank you sooo much! I just got spammed and your post helped tons!

  3. I've no idea how they do it, but it's extremely annoying..

    I was panicking for a moment when I couldn't hit that Edit button (which only appeared for less than a second), but then I went to another pin's page and checked how the edit link looked like, so it's great that it's just that extra "/edit/" =)

    1. All of the sudden last night I had several pins that I did not create. Your fix is not working for me. Says "page not found" when I do this. Help!

    2. Debra, unfortunately, I don't know why this isn't working for you. (I'm just a regular Pinterest user myself as well.) I would suggest that you browse their support page - especially "Account Security", and Help! Someone is accessing my account without my permission. If you can't get rid of the unwanted pins, submit a support ticket to Pinterest, and ask them how to do it. (Meanwhile, do change your password, just in case!)