Thursday, 29 March 2012

I feel so sad for circus animals..

I saw this heartbreaking video on Facebook, yesterday;
Amazing footage captured by Paul Dunbar as an unhappy elephant makes a break for it in Blackpool, Co Cork. Copyright, Paul Dunbar.

Apparently, this poor elephant belongs to the Courtney Brothers Circus. The video reminded me of a photo I'd seen on Facebook, not too long ago;

Depressed circus elephants being paraded in Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland
Depressed circus elephants being paraded through Fermoy in Co. Cork by the infamous Courtney Brothers Circus. (March 2012)

This photo is from John Carmody's (ARAN Ireland - Animal Rights Action Network) Facebook album - I'm posting it here with his permission.

Just look at how severely depressed those poor elephants are.. And it's no wonder as there's hardly any joy or comfort in their lives. (And that goes for all circus animals - not just the elephants!)

I have nothing against circus entertainment, but the human performers can speak for themselves, and therefore have a choice of their lifestyle, whereas the animals do not. (Ok, we could split hairs and say that not all of the human performers and other circus workers have a choice, either, if they happen to be born into circus families, etc.. But they learn to speak, they grow up, if they really want to go and do something else with their lives, they can. The animals can not.)

If people keep paying to see circus animals performing, and if there's no law banning such cruel form of entertainment, there will be circus animals. So, this is what you can do to help: Boycott ANY circus that uses animals in their acts. If people aren't paying for it, eventually, there won't be circus animals.

Here are some informative pages/profiles to follow, should you want to know more about animal right issues in Ireland;
ARAN (Animal Rights Action Network)
John Carmody (founder of ARAN)
ANVIL Ireland (Animals Need a Voice In Legislation)
ANVIL Ireland website

There are more websites and profiles, but start with those.. =)

If you have a chance, attend protests and get otherwise active in support of animal rights. Even the busiest of us should have a few seconds to sign a few petitions online, every now and then..


  1. I won't watch the video because I will cry, :(
    but I agree with you, Stella. I HATE circuses. Nobody realizes the abuse these animals suffer at the hands of the "trainers." Thanks for sharing.

  2. I cry every time I see that photo.. The poor elephants just look so sad, like they've lost all hope..

    I would love to see these animals taken to a sanctuary that caters to THEIR needs, with plenty of nature and the freedom to enjoy it as they wish.. They SO deserve comfort and happiness, after the horrible life they've had..