Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The mystery word.. (cíosúir)

Irish words - cíosúir, anyone??
I've been trying to find out what's cíosúir in English, but no luck so far.. It's not in my pocket dictionary (which is English-Irish & Irish-English), and I only have a big English-Irish dictionary, which isn't helping.. (mental note: buy a big Irish-English dictionary) Google Translator doesn't know it, and I haven't had any luck when asking around online.. (Twitter, Abair Leat!, Facebook, Flickr..)

I'll try and remember to ask the teacher tonight.. It doesn't really matter as I can do the an t-alt thing without knowing what the word means, but I want to know!

Edit 8/3: Mystery solved - I asked the teacher. The word SHOULD be ciarsúr, which means tissue. Not really loving the fact that I can't fully trust our course material.. I'm quite anal about spelling.

Irish words Irish attempts..

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