Saturday, 28 April 2012

Poor Oimo..

My baby (well, one of my babies) is very ill, and he's currently with the vet, having some tests done.. The vet gave three options for his symptoms, and only one of them is treatable.. If it's one of the other two options, their 14th birthday tomorrow will be a very sad one.. I don't want him to suffer any more than he is already suffering, if there's nothing that can be done to make him feel better..

I tried not to get too depressed until I know more (which should be around late afternoon / early evening, today), but I've cried my eyes out already, of course.. Thatsit is also worried - she's Oimo's sister, and they are from the same litter, so they've always been together..

First snaps with my new camera.. First snaps with my new camera..

Oimouttahere looks out Oimouttahere playing with the cable

Oimouttahere relaxing under the radiator Oimo gets some turkey

Oimo sleeping on my legs

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