Saturday, 26 May 2012

Getting ready for the Eurovision Song Contest final.. :-#

ESC 2012 first semi-final evening in the attic
Here are my Facebook comments on the first semi-final:

Stella Stenroos ar 22 Bealtaine ag 20:06

Montenegro is crap..
Iceland is pretty typical ESC stuff.. *yawn*
Greece & fun summer track.. *typical, though*
Too long..
I hate that Latvian bitch - she makes me feel old.
Albania bores me to death..
She'll burst..
LOL @ Romania.. At least it's hilarious to watch..
I love the afro..
Swiss band to keep little girls watching.. :-#
He may have a spud in his mouth..?
Belgium & the token teenager..
[reply to TU's dress comment] See-through, with those lights :o
Quite boring, though.. But not as boring as.... *drum roll*....
Finland.. *yawn*
Israel is annoying..
Oh, San Marino and the ex-Facebook song..
This doesn't work at all, without the video..
Cyprus with something deep.. :-#
Summer hit :-#
I haven't actually stopped eating since this show started.. =D Got tons of ESC food!
Denmark is kinda boring as well..
Her voice is a bit like a knife..
Grannies!! I hope they'll be better than yesterday..
They're cute, though..
Hungary is actually OK..
Yeah, one of my favourites tonight.
Austria is supposed to be one of the favourites, but I don't really like this..
Moldova with some interesting fashion.. LOL
Well done Jedward!!!
And now we wait..

ESC 2012 first semi-final evening in the attic
Here are my Facebook comments on the second semi-final:

Stella Stenroos DĂ©ardaoin ag 20:05

Serbia has a beautiful song..
F.Y.R. Macedonia might be a little bit better if it came after something energetic, but now it's just boring..
It's also annoying how she keeps changing between 'regular, rock & operatic' voice.. Make up your mind, woman!
I'm already annoyed by the Dutch song. Eeewww..
Cool.. Malta has some energy..
They actually ruined it there.. It started nice, but they went too crafty..
Belarus is energetic but boring.. Still, I'd rather see this in the final than endless ballads..
I like the hint of gypsy in the Portuguese song..
And I'm getting stuffed again.. *bOip*.. (Always with the ESC..)
OMG, those guys look like hair stylists..
‎(Marty & chocolate again!! ... RTE)
Ukraine has cool dancers =D
Not a fan of her voice, though..
If Anastacia had a spud in her mouth..
‎(Marty and chocolate - AGAIN!!!)
Bulgaria.. bleh.. They should have dancers or something..
‎(Marty & no chocolate.. LOL)
Slovenian wedding?
I'm getting bored..
One more, and then Sweden.. I like Sweden..
[comment to the bit between songs..] OMG, I want that meat..
Croatia is boring as well..
‎(Nice clouds, though..)
Woohoo, Sweden!
Great summer track!
Georgia, ummm..
Horrible.. LOL
Turkey is very theatrical so far..
Ah, crap song..
Estonia sounds promising..
I liked it.
Jesus.. Slovakia nearly gave me a heart attack..
I don't like this, but at least it's different from the others.. Hate the screaming, though..
‎(Marty mentioned Lordi..)
I hate that piercing sound on the Norwegian song..
Bosnia & Herzegovina & more boredom..
Lithuania & more boredom..
They left it too late..
I'm so stuffed.. (again..) =)

Getting ready for ESC 2012 second semi-final

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