Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My second driving lesson (yesterday)

I had my second driving lesson, yesterday. We started at the same quiet estate than the first time, and it took me a while to get comfortable with it again, but it was OK after a loop around the estate, and then I drove down to Herbert Road (turning left, this time), then Kilbride Lane (I think), Boghall Road, Vevay Road, Putland Road, Meath Road, Albert Avenue, Strand Road, and Seapoint Court - so, I drove home =) (I had my first traffic lights & ramps, too..) Apparently, I did well and had good clutch control.

I've started browsing for used cars... Since I'm going to have to buy a car, anyway, I might as well do it soonish, and then use my own car for practice driving. I'm thinking of getting something like Nissan Micra. I'm not loving the look of it, but it's small and it's a Nissan.. (Based on my observations, Nissan cars tend to be more reliable than many others within my budget..) Although, now that I have a little bit of driving experience - heh, two lessons - I'm feeling a bit more confident with the thought of not necessarily getting a small car.. We'll see how it goes!

The route on Routebuilder.org

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