Thursday, 3 May 2012

My third driving lesson - to Greystones and back (=roundabouts)

I had my third driving lesson today, at 9:15am. This time, I started from home, so no more quiet practice first.. Strand Road, Putland Road, Vevay Road, the first roundabout, and then to Greystones, which made sense as today's theme was roundabouts..

Rathdown Road, Church Road (before Victoria Road), Mill Road to millions of roundabouts (Charlesland - the grand new road to nowhere..), Kilcoole Road, Killincarrig Village, (the other) Church Road, and back to Rathdown Road and Bray..

In Bray, I stayed on Vevay Road all the way to the annoyingly short traffic lights to Main Street - and it didn't help that some fuckin' idiot was right behind me, with no gap whatsoever.. I rolled closer to the car in front of me (as there was plenty of room), and the fuckin' inbred cunt behind me followed! (Seriously - how fuckin' STUPID do you have to be, to not leave a gap between yourself and the car in front of you, especially when the car in front of you is clearly marked as being a driving school car?!? You're asking for trouble, and it'll be YOUR fault.) So, that was intimidating.

I remembered that the bridge end of Seapoint Road was closed from 1st  May, so I turned to Quinsboro Road, and then Seymour Road to Seapoint Road and Seapoint Court.

A few little panic moments today, and some n00b mistakes, but other than that, it went OK. I noticed that I hate driving in towns where you have to keep stopping all the time and crawling because of ramps, suicidal pedestrians, etc.. However, I really, really loved driving between towns, where you could go faster and just concentrate on the speed limit and the other cars. (Can't wait to hit the country roads..)

Today's route on

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