Friday, 25 May 2012

Seeing someone's bare shoulders doesn't entitle you to seeing them naked

There are loads of people who seem to think that they are somehow entitled to knowing everything about other people's lives, whether those other people are just regular people or celebrities - and especially if they are celebrities, which really makes me wonder why anyone would actually WANT to become famous..

For example, if someone blogs about their recent illness, without telling any details about it, there are often smartarses out there, who might even be complete strangers to the blogger, but somehow think that the blogger owes them more details, just to satisfy their curiosity! And if the blogger refuses to share, these cunts actually get upset! I mean, really.. Any decent person would understand that everyone has the right to share as little or much about their life as they like, and it's no one else's business to try and dig out more details, if someone isn't ready and willing to share them. (And yes, I do think that celebs should have this right as well - unfortunately, it seems that nowadays, any kind of fame is like a free ticket to anyone, to start digging and pestering, or even making up stories, trying to get embarrassing photos, etc.. And people just love to buy that stuff.. It's sick.)

If you really know someone, and there's mutual trust between you, they probably will tell you lots of details about their life - and you might tell them everything about yours. That's true friendship. However, if you're reading someone's blog since 2000, and feel like you know them well although you've never had any real contact to that person, here's a newsflash: you are actually pretty much a complete stranger to them, and you are in no way entitled to knowing anything more about their life than what they feel like sharing in their blog. The same goes for many other situations;

You've been Facebook friends with someone for a few years, you've seen their family photos, holiday pictures, drunken status messages, this, that, the other (oh, and let me guess - you've barely shared anything about your life? not that it matters, really..) This does NOT give you the right to ask personal questions, especially if you are actually stupid enough to do it in a public comment! I mean, ever stopped to think that their profile could be read by anyone - their child, their spouse, their parent, their boss, the neighbourhood gossip..? No, you didn't.. You were just nosy, so you went ahead and asked something personal, and didn't even have the decency to do it in a private message, eh? Oh, they didn't give you a satisfying answer? OMG - how rude of them! I'm sure you told them so, didn't you? What - they removed you from their friend list and blocked you? How dare they?! I mean, don't they know that if you let someone see your bare shoulders, that totally entitles them to see the rest of you naked?!? (Oh, wait..)

And no, this doesn't just apply to online situations - it's the same with offline contacts as well. If someone wants to share something with you, they'll do it when they're ready for it. If not, you'd be a cunt to try and dig it out of them, just to satisfy your own sick curiosity.

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