Friday, 18 May 2012

Sixth driving lesson - driving around Bray (stalling a lot..)

I had my sixth driving lesson today, and still hadn't had a chance to do any practice driving between lessons =/

Today I was just driving around Bray - traffic lights, junctions, lots of parked cars.. I did my first three point turn (and sort of messed it up after getting massively intimidated by two cars that just had to appear at the worst possible time - like it'd be nice to get to do the first attempt in a quiet place, FFS..)

Today's route on - I forgot a little loop from it, though, it was somewhere around Killarney Road (where I did that three point turn).

I was stalling quite a lot, but I'm actually glad about that as now it doesn't really intimidate me anymore. Getting a bit of a routine to just move on from it..

I really need a car, though! My driving instructor is going on holidays, so I'll have a longer gap between lessons now - the next one is on 1st June. Meanwhile, I'm really hoping to buy a car, so I could do some practice driving as I really need it. It's just a bummer that I can't legally drive alone =/

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