Saturday, 16 June 2012

Four Star Pizza mega deal

Four Star Pizza mega deal (garlic pizza bread & dip) Four Star Pizza mega deal (chicken dippers, potato wedges, dips)
Usually, when I order a pizza, I'll get it from Mizzoni's. My current favourite is their Chicken Barbie, but I've also had my phases of Meaty Mizzoni, Neptune (tuna, anchovies, black olives), and Original Irish.

However, I didn't go out yesterday, so I wanted to order a large pizza to get breakfast and lunch for today as well. Mizzoni 16,5" Chicken Barbie would have been €18.30 (or maybe €17 with their website voucher), just for the pizza alone..

I'd recently noticed a Four Star Pizza brochure, so I checked it out and found a mega deal: €19.95 for one 14" pizza, chicken dippers, potato wedges, garlic pizza bread, four dips of your choice, and a 1,25 litre drink.

I knew that the pizza would probably not be as nice as Mizzoni's, but hey.. That's a hell of a lot more for almost the same price..

Four Star Pizza mega deal (14" pizza) Four Star Pizza mega deal (1,25 litre drink)
It took something between 40-50 minutes to arrive, which is a bit longer than it's usually been with Mizzoni's (around the same time on Friday evening), but everything else went fine - that was actually the first time I've ever ordered food online, and I liked the option to select "pay on delivery", rather than having to pay online.

There was plenty of food alright! :o I was really hungry, so I destroyed the garlic pizza bread first, with a garlic & herb dip. Very Nice.. Then I moved on to the potato wedges and chicken dippers. I shared the chicken dippers with Thatsit (cat), and I'd only had some wedges when I was already stuffed. I finished the wedges later, with (another) garlic & herb dip, and a BBQ dip, which was maybe a little too strong to my taste, but OK with the chicken dippers.. There was also a sweet chilli dip, but I'm keeping that for salad dressing purposes or such.. I was mega stuffed, but I kinda wanted to know what the pizza was like before it got all cold, so I did later force myself to eat half a slice, which was not that smart, but.. As I'd expected, it wasn't as nice as Mizzoni's pizza, but it was still good, and the whole deal was just so much better.. Now that I've had my breakfast pizza, I can also mention that it really works when it's cold, too. (I know that some people can't handle cold pizza, but I love it..) And there's plenty left for lunch, unless Thatsit helps herself when I'm getting some sleep.. I was on the phone last night, and she was trying to help herself to some pizza, looking at me like "ha-ha, you're on the phone, you can't do anything about this.." - naughty kitty.. =)

This would be a good size meal for two people sharing. It's definitely WAY too much food for one person, unless you want to keep the pizza for later, like I did (it'd have to be the pizza, because those side dishes wouldn't really keep..). I don't think this would be enough for more than two people, though, unless 3-4 people just want a bit more than a small snack, before heading out for the night, or something like that..

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