Saturday, 23 June 2012

Funny status updates

I was checking some times from my Facebook updates, and found these two status updates funny - see above.. =D At 6:05am, off to "Run and Jump" - at 8:08pm, back with stumps for feet (with all the running and jumping, eh..) =D Nah, we were really just standing around, mainly.. Some dancing, too.. (Christ.. I hate dancing..)

Anyway, I love the new filters on Facebook "All activity" (when viewing your own profile)! Before, you just had to scroll down forever, if you were looking for something - although, the year & month filters DID help, comparing to the pre-timeline version.. BUT, now you can also select the type of updates, so if you want to find a certain status update, for example, you no longer need to browse through thousands of game updates as you can just select to view status updates! (Or comments, or items people posted on your timeline, etc..)

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