Wednesday, 13 June 2012

I bought my first car!

From old family albums
Well, I'd actually had one, before.. =P

My first car
I'd shortlisted eleven cars to test drive, spent lots of time putting together all the necessary stats for each, printed them out with small pictures, printed out the maps for all the dealers, optimising the routes to visit all the ones that were in the same area, in one go..

They were all in Dublin, except for one, which was south of Arklow.. I kind of had a good feeling about that one, so I decided to skip the others for today, and just go see the one near Arklow..

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It was a bit of an adventure to find the place! I'd printed a map through their website, which used Google Maps, with driving instructions, but we had to actually phone them up a few times on the way there.. (Those Google instructions were OK up to a point, but then useless after that..) However, it was worth it...

My first car My first car
Here it is.. My new car! =D

I was very happy with it. I'm not insured yet, so D test drove it, and C from the dealers came with us as he knew the local small roads better (and showed us a nice coastal route as well).

My first car My first car
I'll give her a name, eventually, but I want to get to know her better first =) She looks really, really neat, and she's in great condition as well..

My first car My first car
As a tall person, I also really appreciate the leg room. There's plenty of it. A bit nervous about the reverse gear being on the left (rather than below the 5th gear), but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

My first car My first car
I'm getting her tomorrow, and won't even have to collect from Castletown as C will deliver it up to Kilmacanogue. I'll get my insurance sorted in the morning, and hopefully I'll get to go for a spin after that - legally! =D

Feeling like this, after buying my first car
Feeling like this, right now.. =D


  1. ONNEA! Nyt pääset huristelemaan ympäri kaunista Irlantia!

  2. Kiitos =) Lokakuun loppuun asti joudun valitettavasti ajamaan 'apukuskilla' varustettuna, eli mukana pitaa aina olla joku jolla on ollut vahintaan 2 vuoden ajan taysi ajokortti.. Etta totaalinen vapaus koittaa vasta sitten kun lapaisen itse ajotestin, minka voin ottaa vasta syksylla.