Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I'll just quickly... yeah, right!

I was doing late night laundry, washing my old hippie bag with some clothes.. I felt really tired, and just waited for the wash to be done, so I could go and quickly hang the clothes in the garden and go to bed.


I went to the kitchen and started emptying the washing machine.. I opened the kitchen door, and saw that Oimo and Ringo were chillin' on the lawn, in the back garden. Ringo got a bit of a fright when I opened the door, and ran to the other side of the garden. Ginga appeared out of nowhere.. Suddenly, I had three hungry cats, waiting for food..

I dropped what I was doing, and took two cat bowls (for Ginga and Ringo who eat outside), dividing a pouch of wet food and some dry food between the two bowls. I took the bowls out, and noticed that Oscar and Pushy had also appeared out of nowhere..

Pushy ran in to the house, and I grabbed Oimo, who was heading towards Ginga's food bowl - Oimo needed to get his antibiotic, so I couldn't let him eat other food, at that point..

I left Ginga and Ringo out with their food bowls, and as Oscar lives next door, I didn't feed him as he should get fed by his owner/s.

I then broke Oimo's antibiotic pill to a small amount of wet food (we have a system where I give the pill with some food first, and once he's eaten it all, he gets the rest of the pouch with no meds in it - it usually works fine), gave it to him, and gave Pushy some wet food, after he'd already finished eating some leftovers..

I needed to watch Oimo, to make sure that he eats the pill, instead of spitting it out all over the place when I'm not looking.. (He's usually good, but I think that those pills taste as bad as they smell, so sometimes he tries me..) However, at this point, I noticed that Ringo was behind the kitchen door, looking miserable; "I didn't get any food, Oscar's taken my food.."


I quickly gave Ringo some dry food as I had to keep watching Oimo, so didn't really have the time to open a new wet pouch, find a bowl for it, etc..

Eventually, I got back to emptying the washing machine and hanging the clothes out to dry. I was on barefoot in the dark garden, and stepped on at least three slugs - it gives me the creeps when they go *splat!* between your toes.. Eeewwwww..

Pushy probably sneaked up to the attic, after finishing his food. I saw Oimo trying to open the front door, which was locked, at this point.. He noticed that he couldn't open it, so he just stayed there, sitting and looking at me, looking miserable.. "I want to go to the porch..."


I went to let him to the porch, explaining that I was planning to go to bed, so I'd want to lock the front door and he'd have to come in soon..

After I'd finished hanging the clothes, I went to see if he'd come in, but no.. He didn't want to.. So, I left him on the porch and just left the security chain on, so that Oimo could get in when he wanted to, but if anyone else tried to, we'd at least hear it. (He has since come in, though.)

After all that, I wasn't that tired anymore! =/

PS, in case anyone's reading this and doesn't know; only Oimo and Thatsit are our cats. Ginga and Pushy live in the garden and belong to no one, so they get fed here regularly - our next door neighbours actually sort of think of Pushy as their cat, but they use a different name for him and don't let him in the house.. They feed him as well, though.. Oscar belongs to the other next door neighbours, but I think he prefers the cat food we buy.. Ringo is a bit of a mystery.. He used to wear a collar and never eat here, but nowadays there's no collar and he seems to be always hungry, so I wonder if his owners have moved on without him? I never knew whom he belonged/belongs to.

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