Thursday, 21 June 2012

"Run and Jump" shoot, yesterday

Run and Jump shoot Run and Jump shoot
We left Bray at about 6:45am, so we were at Djouce golf club at 7am. Had plenty of time for breakfast and all.

Run and Jump shoot
It went misty for a while, but then cleared up, and the rest of the day was more or less gorgeous! No blue skies, but enough sun to make my eyelids all sandpapery, and some people got lobsterised out there, during the day..

The actual shoot took place at a private house and garden, about ten minutes from the golf club. We were taken to location and back with mini buses.

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I've obviously no pictures from there as it was a film location AND a private house, but that's the place in the satellite map, above. Very nice place.

We did a party scene for "Run and Jump" - there's no IMDB page for it yet, but if you google it, you'll find something about the plot.

Run and Jump shoot Run and Jump shoot
We returned to Djouce golf club for lunch, and then back to location again..

Run and Jump shoot

It was a long day, mainly standing around, mingling & dancing, so my feet were (and still are) absolutely killing me once it was all over..

Run and Jump shoot Run and Jump shoot Run and Jump shoot
I looked almost as tired as I felt. My hair was done up like that, which didn't really go with what I was wearing, but I'm an extra, so I just do what I'm told, lol..

Loved the text on D's t-shirt; I'm the designated passenger =D He might have been, if I'd taken Esmeralda, but I'd decided not to, which was a very good decision as I wouldn't have been in any driving condition after the day, with uber-sore feet :o

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