Friday, 13 July 2012

"Here at the Civil Service..."

"...we don't actually have the time to read your applications and shyte, we're way too busy checking if you live in Ireland.. What? You're saying that we only checked it last week? Well, there ya go! You didn't think we'd have the time to read your reply, did you?!? LOL, how silly of you.."

"Hello.. Who are you again? ... And you're saying that you live in Ireland? Can you prove it? What do you mean you've proved it several times before? We must have been busy not giving a shyte, so why don't you prove it again, go on.. I can't give you any money until you prove that you live here - again.. LOLz.."

"You've sent us this letter we wanted? Well, I can't see any sign of it.. Maybe it's under some other shyte, I dunno.. Maybe you could send us another copy? I can't do anything with your application until I get that letter.. What do you mean, look for it? Here in my office? LOL, you're funny.. Just send me another copy, maybe you'll have better luck with me bothering to read it.. I know, I know.. Very unlikely, but what can you do? Haha.."

"What? You've had no money for seven months now? Well, it's hardly my problem, is it? See, I can't give you anything until I've proof that you live in Ireland.. You've proven it several times now? Ah, well.. Maybe if you do it in a fun way, I might actually remember you? Like, try presenting the documents with a song and a dance? *shrug* Just an idea.. Oh, hold on, it's lunch time, I gotta go.."

"You look vaguely familiar, I might have seen you before? Hold on, I'll have a look at your application here.. Oh, wait - I can't actually do anything about this now as you need to bring me some medical documents.. You've sent them to me already? Brought them in person? No.. Doesn't ring a bell.. Can you prove it? LOL, I didn't think so.. I'll tell you what, just ask the hospital for those documents again, and bring them to me, and I'll see if I can help you.. You need money? Well, don't we all.. You've no food? Don't you have any friends who could feed you maybe? Can't pay the rent? Awww.. Maybe you should have thought about that before losing your job, LOLz.."

"Umm, and these are for..?? Oh, medical documents.. I see, but we don't really need these, we'd actually want the pink ones.. You've sent us pink ones before? No, I don't think so.. Anyway, do you have proof that you live in Ireland?"

- - - - - - - - - -

Yes, this is a bit vague, but it's based on observations, rather than personal dealings.. However, it seems that too many civil servants in Ireland don't really spend any time on doing the work they should be doing - instead, it's like they're toying with people, making people bring the same documents over and over again, permanently losing letters, thinking that people can really survive without any money whatsoever, etc.. I will not go into any more details on this, because I don't want to make things any harder to people who are in the mouse situation to the civil servant cats.


  1. What can I say when "been there done that" is more "being there doing that"

  2. It would work if it was a comedy series, but when it's real life, it must be beyond frustrating..