Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Katie Taylor homecoming video - the crowds on Bray Seafront..

I tried to get some of the amazing atmosphere on video, yesterday.. Occasionally, it gets very shaky as my camera isn't the lightest, and I had to hold it up for a long time, which gave me the shakes and cramps, lol.. But if you weren't there, hopefully this will give some sort of an idea - and if you were, maybe this will help you think back to how brilliant it was =)

In case anyone's wondering why the video doesn't include Katie Taylor's interview part - well, I chose to take photos of it instead as I'm sure you can find much better quality videos of her interview, anyway..

It was a great day, a great event, and we even got the perfect weather, which hadn't looked promising in the morning!

I meant to go and see the fireworks later, but I didn't have the energy (especially as I was still going meteor shower hunting, later that night)..

Other than the picture in my previous entry, I haven't uploaded any of my photos yet, from yesterday. I'll try to get them uploaded and blogged by tomorrow.

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