Sunday, 26 August 2012

No tall ships, but some animal rights activism

My plan today was to go to Dublin early enough to take some pictures of the tall ships (on their way out), and then attend the ARAN march and rally against animal abuse.


Everything was going fine until we were almost in Dún Laoghaire.. Then the DART stopped between stations.. We were stuck there for about half an hour, which totally threw my plans - also, I'd only found out on the DART, that Tara Street station was closed until 2pm (due to the tall ships stuff, I guess). Well, not that Pearse Street was that far away..

The next surprise was the amount of PEOPLE in City Centre! OMG.. They'd actually closed some roads for the tall ships stuff, and although I'm pretty good at moving fast in sardine tin situations, it was almost impossible to get anywhere fast.. It was 1pm when I was at Pearse Street, and it took me 15 minutes to get to the Spire. Jebus..

I'd forgotten my sambos in the fridge (grrrr..), and I didn't have time for a pit stop anywhere, so by the time all the ARAN speeches were over and we got the march started, I was already really, really hungry, and when we got to O'Connell Bridge, nature called as well, so I really needed a pit stop somewhere. I was a bad activist, I bailed there and rushed to my favourite City Centre pub, had a Red Bull, rushed to the DART, forgetting it was Sunday and the Tara Street station shop wouldn't be open, so I had to live on tic tacs until I got home for Sunday dindins. Phew!

I took photos as well, but I probably won't get them uploaded today as some of them need cropping and stuff..

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