Wednesday, 15 August 2012

You do not have the right to upload someone else's photos without permission...

Katie Taylor homecoming event in Bray
I haven't even had a chance to blog the rest of my Katie Taylor pictures, when someone's already stolen this one on Facebook! =/

They did Share my earlier Katie photo from my album, so I am hoping that they didn't mean to actually pretend that this is their photo, but still.. I wasn't asked if it was OK to upload it elsewhere, and I wasn't even credited for having taken the picture. Not OK!

I would have left a comment or sent a message, asking them to remove it and Share it from my public album instead (if they so wanted it to appear on their wall), but there was no comment option or message option for those not on their friend list..

There is the option to report them to Facebook, but Facebook might cancel their account or block their access for a period of time - that seems a bit harsh, if they just weren't thinking, and might be willing to just remove the photo from their album.. But how to get that message to them???

Does anyone know this person?

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