Thursday, 13 September 2012

About links in blog comments..

I'm just after deleting a comment again.. It was a nice comment to my car related entry, the language was correct, etc.. But the real motivation of leaving the comment, was in the end of it - a link to a car dealers.

I don't mind people posting links in comments, if those links go to their personal pages or blogs, or if someone wants to contribute a useful link that's related to the topic I've blogged about. However, when someone pretends to be interested in my blog entry, only to leave a business link, which is in no way relevant to me (=I already bought a car, and even if I was looking for one, I wouldn't buy it from the US.), I find that lame, and I'll delete their comment, no matter how nice it may be.

1 comment:

  1. I keep getting these "customised spam" comments - and they never end up being published, because I filter everything manually.

    For example, I posted about laptop batteries, quoting Isidor Buchmann, who REALLY knows the topic (seriously, google him..), and some clown left the following comment;

    "You can only get best performance if you fully charge your battery and discharge it completely in the initial stages.

    Charlie Electra"

    (I didn't publish the comment as there was an advert link in the end of it, and I won't accept spam. I'm just quoting the rest of it.)

    I mean, whom to believe.. Some random spammer, or a man who is a well known battery guru? LOL Sorry, Charlie.. I think I'll listen to Mr Buchmann.