Monday, 24 September 2012

My second hand Lundby, at the moment

What's happening in my dollhouse..
I think I've mentioned the €5 dollhouse, which I recently bought at a yard sale I happened to spot, on my way to the shops.. So, this is it, after four layers of white craft paint..

It's not an ideal choice of paint, but it's the only paint I had, so.. I've decided to wallpaper the rooms, though, because even after four layers of paint, the original horror patterns are still showing through, and I've not that much paint left. Also, as much as I hate the dark brown door frames, I'd have to paint the doors shut, if I wanted a thick enough layer of paint to make them look white.. So, I'm cleaning them, and they can remain dark.

I found that pretty much the only stuff that'll clean those plastic parts, is Boots acetone free nail polish remover! (I'd tried everything before that..)

There won't be lights as I can't afford them.

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