Saturday, 1 September 2012

On stolen photos

NOT happy about finding MY photography credited to someone else's name! (And this is why I like to crop pictures before putting them online - no one else will have the full original..)

I did say at the event, that my photos can be used for this cause, BUT, that does NOT mean that people can claim to have taken them, or that they could just do whatever they like with the photos, without even crediting me.

I'm still pissed off about this stolen Katie Taylor photo as well, which is in Dave Jeffers' album, and although he's clearly seen my name when he saved the photo from my Facebook post, he didn't bother crediting me when he uploaded the picture to his own album without permission. (I would have sent a private message about this, but there's no such option in his profile.)

I have started putting "Stello" on my videos, whenever they're something that might get shared a lot (like protests or such), but I hate doing it, and I'd really hate to add watermarks or anything to photos. I want people to see the full photo. So, stop fuckin' stealing other people's pictures! Take your own photos, or at least credit the photographer, if sharing other people's work.

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1/9; I did get an apology (about the dolphin protest picture), and we're good - I do believe that there was no intention to actually claim photo credit. Just mentioning this, in case anyone else feels like defending me by contacting IR or NS - no need to. We've sorted it.

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