Monday, 17 September 2012

Trying to remember what comfortable feels like

If that was a three-seater, it just might be the sofa of my dreams..

As I haven't had a comfortable seat or (any) bed since the late 90's, I'm constantly dreaming about them..

A good sofa should be pretty basic, the back should not be too low, the armrests should be high and wide enough to comfortably rest your arm on them (I know, the clue is in the name, but many armrests just "look good", but are actually totally useless..), and the material should be something that doesn't make you sweat (like leather/ette does, for example..), and which can be hoovered (to remove cat hair..). I also like the grey/ish colour for a sofa, because it goes with most other colours, and if you happen to get some little stains on it, it's not that obvious (unless it's something bad like red vino or black mascara).

Three-seaters are better than "loveseats" as you can comfortably lie down on a three-seater sofa, to read, watch telly, take a nap, or whatever..

As for beds, I really don't care so much, as long as there IS a bed (or even just a mattress), and it's neat and comfortable. At this point, I'm thinking of buying an inflatable mattress as I'm really sick of never feeling comfortable, and if I sleep too many hours in the same position, I'm so sore when I wake up.. I usually set my mobile alarm to wake me up after three hours as then it's not too painful. If I'm still tired, I'll turn over and sleep for another three hours. Sometimes I sleep for longer than that, but that's always really painful.

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