Saturday, 27 October 2012

Birthday mock mini pizzas

Birthday 'pizza'
After buying myself a present, yesterday, I couldn't afford to order a birthday pizza today, so I improvised..

white bread
Heinz ketchup
Knorr vegetable stock pot
cooking oil
garlic powder
sliced ham
German salami
green pepper
stuffed green olives
Old Irish Creamery Irish Porter cheddar
Old Irish Creamery Seaweed cheddar

(=whatever I could find in the fridge and cupboards.. white bread could be replaced with actual pizza base / tortilla / naan bread / other type of bread.. sauce and toppings could be whatever you're prepared to eat on a 'pizza'..)

I baked these for maybe 12-14 minutes in the oven, gas mark 6. That's 200C / 400F. If you like the cheese all bubbly, bake it a bit longer than that.. I just wanted the cheese melted and the bread crispy.

I started with the sauce.. I didn't really have anything else than ketchup, and I thought I'd add some garlic powder.. Then I happened to see the vegetable stock pot, and decided to get experimental! =D However, I decided to put it on just two slices of bread (I 'pizzatised' four slices), in case it might actually taste horrible on a 'pizza', and do the other two slices safely with ketchup. Eventually, the veggie stock pot sauce was actually NICE, but.. As I'd used one for only two mini pizzas, the flavour was perhaps a bit too salty.. Had I used one for all the four slices, it would have been perfect, and it could easily have stretched for even up to eight slices, methinks.. Just mix it well with Heinz ketchup (or whatever ketchup or tomato puré you might have), using as much ketchup as you need to cover all your mini pizza bases.

Funny as well; when I was mixing the veggie stock pot with ketchup, I meant to add just a little bit of garlic powder, but ended up having an "oops" moment.. =D It tasted great, though! I think that you can add "too much" garlic powder without actually ruining things, whereas if you use fresh garlic, it'll taste better, but if you use too much, it can be a disaster..

So, I started by spreading the sauce on white bread, then I added half a slice of ham per a slice of bread (in thin strips), one slice of German salami per a slice of bread (thin strips as well), enough chopped scallions, green pepper and stuffed olives, to cover the slice of bread, and finally some sliced cheese to top it all - actually, for the last two slices, I put the cheese before the green stuff..

I'd planned to eat my Old Irish Creamery cheeses on their own or with Finnish rye bread, but I had no other cheese, and even a mock pizza certainly needs SOME cheese, so.. I wasn't even sure if they'd be nice on a 'pizza', but they were.

Birthday 'pizza' Birthday 'pizza'
These first two mini pizzas were done with that veggie stock pot & ketchup sauce, and the cheese on top.. (The above pictures were taken before & after baking.) The left slice was with Irish Porter cheddar, hence the darker colour. All the other slices were with Seaweed cheddar.

Birthday 'pizza' Birthday 'pizza'
These two mini pizzas were done with ketchup & (a little bit of) cooking oil sauce, with the cheese under the greens..

Birthday 'pizza'
At this point, I'd already eaten one mini pizza while the other two were in the oven.. I had the last two slices a bit later, when they'd gone cold already, and they were still nice, although the middle part of the bread base had gone a bit soggy as they were on a plate. But I have to say, these mock mini pizzas were quite nice!! =D

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