Friday, 26 October 2012

I was at the Ideal Home Show today

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
I'd printed out a free ticket, so I dragged myself to RDS Simmonscourt, and got there just when they were about to open for the first day of the Ideal Home Show.

Above, the show house. I didn't take interior pictures of it. The interior was pretty nice, but slightly boring, and you could see that it was an impersonal show house. The 'small details' were just too calculated.. Still, there was lots of nice stuff in the house, and it was worth seeing.

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
I absolutely loved the garden pods! What a brilliant idea for the Irish climate, and they were surprisingly small as well, so you could have one in a pretty small garden.. They looked so cosy.. I want one! (And a garden for it, lol..)

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
I love architectural miniatures..

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
This is not from the show house, but the colour scheme was not far from its interior, although this 'room' is a bit colder and in a different style.

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
Hallowe'en and Christmas stuff..

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
I should have taken this photo from the other end of the line of sinks - they went from small to large, and reminded me of the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears.. =)

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
Top right, a SodaStream flavour chart (although not nearly all of them are available in Ireland, at least yet..). The guy at the SodaStream stand was very good at selling! =D So good, that I went back later, and bought myself a SodaStream Genesis.. (More about that, later..)

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
I could totally live with that cosy sofa, on top right.. The only comfortable seat in my life, is in my car. I sleep on the hard attic floor, and I sit on it during the day, so I'm always sore. I need a comfy seat, and a house for it.

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
This looked so nice, but I'd tasted gorgeous cheese, earlier on, and really didn't feel like having anything sweet, so I didn't even have the free tasters.

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
On top right, the Old Irish Creamery stand. I bought two blocks of Irish Porter cheddar, and one block of Seaweed cheddar - I'd tasted both of them, earlier on, and they're absolutely gorgeous.. (In fact, I'm gonna go get some more now, from the fridge, after posting this.. LOL) The price was €10 for three blocks (€3.50 for just one, and they had other deals available..).

Ideal Home Show, RDS, Dublin
Back to the SodaStream stand.. They had three different models available - white, red, and stainless steel/chrome. The white Genesis was the cheapest, and actually looked the nicest as well, so I bought one. It wasn't really a whim as I've dreamed of getting one, ever since the 70's! I'd actually recently discussed them on Facebook, and sort of thought about getting one, but I thought they'd be too expensive.. However, they were selling the white ones at €49.99 (normal price €79.99, apparently), and I just happened to have enough money on me, so I thought I'd never see a better deal for it, and bought one =) I know I'll actually use it, too, and now I don't need to buy fizzy drinks.

It took me an hour and a half to walk through the whole area and have a look at everything. I'd thought of having lunch there, but then I'd already used my money on the shopping, and it would have been awkward, anyway, since I was carrying it all.. So, I just came home and had some Finnish rye bread (thanks to my mam who recently sent loads of it) with the Irish Porter cheddar (mmmmmm..), and the freebie coffee sample from my goody bag, which was nice as well.

Ideal Home Show - SodaStream Genesis
My new toy =D A birthday present for myself.. I'll keep it in the attic, to protect it from grease and smoke.

Ideal Home Show - SodaStream concentrate Ideal Home Show - SodaStream concentrate
The two flavours I picked.. (Included in that same price..)

Ideal Home Show - cheeses Ideal Home Show - cheeses
So, SO good..

Ideal Home Show goody bag contents Ideal Home Show goody bag contents
Goody bag contents..

Ideal Home Show brochures
(I had emailed the Ideal Home Show to make sure that photography was allowed, in case anyone's wondering.. It was.)

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