Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The one-eyed Squeaks..

I don't have a decent picture of Squeak, after one of his eyes had to be removed (some years ago), so here's a 2005 photo of him when he still had both his beautiful eyes..

Squeak is a feral cat whom I've been feeding for years, but whom I hadn't seen for a long time (1-2 years or so), until just the other night. I did get a very poor quality mobile snap, but I've only shared it on Facebook - will upload to flickr someday.. I had assumed him dead as there was no sign of him in such a long time, but there he was again, as if he'd never been away at all =) It was so good to see him! I gave him food and a cuddle..

Anyway, to the actual topic..

Just two days ago, Wicklow cats / Debbie mentioned on Facebook, that they're taking care of a feral kitten called Pipsqueak, who is about to lose one of his eyes (=can't be saved, unfortunately). I commented about Squeak, as it was such a coincidence to have "two Squeaks" with one eye only.

But here's something strange; I was just browsing my Facebook feed, tonight, when I came across a one-eyed cat called Squeakers! :O

Isn't that mental!

Now, if you want to protect your cat's eyes, it might be a good idea to avoid "squeak" in the name.. =D (Of course, cats are still gorgeous, even if they only have one eye, and it doesn't seem to cause them trouble, either, so it's not the end of the world.)

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