Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Dáil Rig Protest on Wednesday 21st November, 4pm, Leinster House, Dublin

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From Protect Dublin Bay From Large Oil Drill 2012;

Highly risky licence granted to drill just a few miles off the Dublin/Wicklow shoreline.

-Without proper public consultation.
-Without adequate environmental assessment.
-Profits stay offshore & Ireland Inc. gets next to nothing.
-Coast guard not prepared for any clean up yet totally responsible to clean up any spill at our expense.

We take all the risk for no gain! They want to commence operations within the next 2 months.

Is it a joke ?

stay informed: Facebook/ProtectOurCoast

DO visit the Facebook page behind the above link - there's plenty of information on this issue, and the time to make noise about it is NOW.

This is NOT something that will only affect people living on the coast! Should anything go wrong (and the risks are high), where do you think the money will come from, for the clean up? Bingo..


4pm, Wednesday 21st November, Leinster House.

Twitter: @ProtectOurCoast #dublinbay #dalkeyoil
Facebook: Protect Dublin Bay From Large Oil Drill 2012
(There are other related FB pages / events, but you should find links to all on this one I've linked above..)

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