Saturday, 24 November 2012

General entitlement

This is something that's been annoying me for a long time, and I've seen it a lot online, over the years - and offline as well. It's people who seem to think that they are somehow better than others, and that their time is more worthy than other people's time.

As this is perhaps a bit difficult to explain in other ways, I might give an example. This is all fictional (incl. the websites/services mentioned), but very much based on reality;

Airhead: Oh, poor me, I want to sell my crafts, but I don't know how.
Friend: You could sell them on FictionalShop, it's free to open an online shop there..
Airhead: Oh, how do you do that?
Friend: [gives a link to FictionalShop, and another one to their very clear HowTo page]
Airhead: [without even bothering to check the site first] Lol, I'm so bad with all this stuff, can you explain it to me?
Friend: Well, if you look at that HowTo page I just linked, you'll see that it's explained very clearly.. I don't think I could explain it any better than that..
Airhead: Ok, I'll give it a try one of these days.. How do you get, like, pictures of the stuff? I just have a camera on my phone, but it's really crappy. I think I need to buy a new camera. Which one is good?
Friend: [mental sigh..] It depends on so many things, like what's your budget and what you'll be using it for, etc..
Airhead: I dunno, maybe €£$***.. And I'll take pictures of the kids, too, and my dog, lol..
Friend: Ok, well, if you go to FictionalCameraReviewSite, and search with those specs, you should find a range of cameras that would be good for you, and full reviews of them.. [gives a link]
Airhead: I don't really know anything about them, can you do it for me?
Friend: Fine.. [Your Feckin' Highness.. because I've nothing better to do than spend hours reading on cheap cameras, for someone else..]
*some time later*
Friend: Ok, these cameras would suit your budget and needs [gives a list of links].. I made brief notes on the pros and cons..
Airhead: Oh, turns out that I don't need it now, lol. I've just been to the FictionalSuperMarket with the kids, and they had this cute pink camera on sale, so I bought it! It has the cutest decorations on it, and it came with a free bag. I love it!
Friend: Oh. Great. Congrats. [ya cunt.. don't even say thanks or anything..]
*some time later*
Airhead: Help! Lol.. I took pictures of my crafts, but they're really blurry, what am I doing wrong?
Friend: [mental sigh] What settings did you use?
Airhead: There are settings? Lol.. I'm so bad at this..
Friend: [you said it..] The camera must have come with a manual, did you look at it? Or, you could google it..
Airhead: It's FictionalPixKam700.
Friend: [oh.. so, you're expecting ME to google it, find a manual, read it, and explain it to you?!? I'm so surprised.. Tell you what - why don't I spend my own money on a round trip to where you live, I'll take the damn pics for you, set up an online shop, make you a website, and feed you feckin' grapes while at it! How's that, ya lazy cunt?!? I could walk the dog, too, and take the kids to school, FFS.. NO need to prepare the guestroom or anything, I'll just sleep on the other doormat..]

...and so on. It usually goes on forever (if you let it..) - the Airhead will want this and that, requiring sites and services suggested to them, will never bother checking the links given as they are too "busy" for that, whereas your time is not that important, so you can go and get familiar with how stuff works, and then "explain it" to them, often to find out that their interests have shifted, and they're into something else now, so the circle starts again, with new stuff.. Generally, they just think that they are a god, and you're their minion who only exists to help them and do their work for them.

In case anyone wondered; no, Airhead is NOT referring to anyone in particular. It's a combo of real people and their attitudes. Friend is not really me, either, but it's a combo of situations and thoughts I've experienced..

I do NOT have a problem with anyone asking for help, if they genuinely need it, and if they are actually interested in learning something new. If I'm able to help, I love doing it and seeing people discover and learn new things. However, when it's some self-important eejit just constantly coming up with various flippant needs, expecting other people to drop everything and do all the work, and then not even appreciating their effort, they can pretty much go fuck themselves, as far as I'm concerned.

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