Saturday, 10 November 2012

Late night gourmet (=raiding the cupboards..)

Fried spuds, reindeer paté, mushrooms and scallions
Just the other night, I found myself really hungry, after having had nothing but a couple of sambos and peanut bars, all day. I hadn't done shopping, either, so it was time to raid the cupboards..

Cooking with whatever I could find..
Since there were a few spuds, I decided to fry some, but I had no onions (other than four very dry scallions that had been there for a while..) and no eggs, so I needed to find something.. Luckily, I had a tin of reindeer paté, left from last Christmas! That would do, and a few mushrooms.. I also grabbed some seasoning (vegetable stock pot, spicy Herbamare, white pepper, garlic powder, and ketchup for later..), and I was ready to start chopping stuff..

Cooking with whatever I could find..
I like to chop everything before anything goes to the pan, so I don't have to do it in a hurry later.. I wasn't sure about paté really working in this, but it actually did! Btw, I obviously used cooking oil (and some olive oil, since we were low on the regular stuff, and I didn't want to use it all), but didn't use any of that Herbamare as the vegetable stock pot is quite salty..

Cooking with whatever I could find.. Cooking with whatever I could find..
Someone had cooked a steak or chops in the pan, and left it unwashed, so that gave some added flavour.. I fried the spuds first, then threw in the scallions and mushrooms, and finally, the paté. I thought, since it didn't really require cooking, and with its texture being quite soft, it might go all mushy and messy, if I'd fry it too long.. It did go a little bit mushy, but the result was actually much, much nicer than what I'd expected! I really liked it!

I could only manage about 2/3 of it, and then I was painfully stuffed.. That's where the ketchup came in.. LOL.. Much later, when the leftovers had gone cold, I had them with ketchup. (I was in the attic, at the time, and really couldn't be bothered to carry the leftovers back to the kitchen and nuke them, so.. cold with ketchup..)

I usually keep noodles and soups, etc., for when I haven't done any shopping and it's in the middle of the night and I suddenly get hungry.. This time, though, I'd eaten all my emergency food, and hadn't bought more.. Still, I ended up having a very nice meal!

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