Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A few more photos of Muzakir

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
My Finnish friend Nata created a Facebook page for the Christmas Miracle we are trying to create for baby Muzakir and his family - unfortunately, the page is only available in Finnish, but feel free to Like it, anyway! (You can post there in English as well, of course!) Nata has also shared some more photos of Muzakir, taken last summer when one of Nata's daughters was in the same hospital with him. Above, Mala (Muzakir's mother), Rauha (Nata's daughter), and Muzakir (held by Rauha).

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)   Muzakir pictures (used with permission)
Above left, Rauha and Muzakir, and right, Muzakir and Mala. Below, Muzakir.

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)

As I mentioned already, some donations have already gone through - it usually takes a few days, with international payments. I would love to be able to give exact amount updates, but I think that Mala has enough worries, at the moment, for me to be asking her to go to the bank all the time. After all, she's had to quit her job, because she needs to be at home with Muzakir, and they do have five other children as well. However, we are not even near to the full amount yet, so please, keep making donations.

Christmas page screenshot with Firefox Personas
* * * Happy Christmas * * *

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