Monday, 17 December 2012

Do you prefer to mourn the dead or save the living?

Three days ago, there was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Twenty children and six adults were killed.

Social media sites are full of links to news articles, memorial pages, picture galleries, blog entries, etc., relating to the tragedy. This is understandable as people are shocked, whether they knew any of the victims or not.

If only the amount of sympathy could raise the dead, but it can't. The victims will remain dead, no matter what.


There is a 6-month-old innocent child in Mauritius who is still alive, but might not be for very long, unless he gets the kidney operation he needs.

There is something people could actually DO to help keep this child alive, by donating money towards the operation. Even very small donations would help, if enough people chip in.

I have asked people to donate, or at least share the link, but only a handful of people have done it.

Why is it that so many people prefer to mourn the dead, rather than save the living?

You could even do both, but if you had to choose, would it not be more important to save the living?

Or is it because the poor child lives far away in Mauritius, that makes him seem somehow less important?

Please, Keep Muzakir Alive

Muzakir pictures (used with permission)

This morning, I was texting with Mala (Muzakir's mother). She told me that the operation, which was supposed to take place tomorrow, has been postponed for ten days as they still don't have enough money to pay for it. The operation needs to take place on 28th December at the latest, because the surgeon will go on holidays after that, for three months, and no one knows if Muzakir would make it, if the operation has to be postponed that much further. Please, please, PLEASE, give this child a chance, make a donation towards his kidney operation. (As international transfers take a few days to go through, I would ask that donations were made sooner, rather than later.)

Don't let him become someone who needs a memorial page.

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