Saturday, 5 January 2013

Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt sold me a faulty CD - and now it's in Finland

Christmas pressies
One of my Christmas presents to my parents, was the lovely Rod Stewart Christmas CD, "Merry Christmas, Baby", which I'd been listening to on Spotify, and which I just knew they would like. (You can see it in the photo, above.)

Well, it turned out to be a very welcome present, and my mam had even thought of buying it herself. However.. The brand new CD that had never been out of the box, had a deep scratch on it, and therefore didn't play properly!

I am less than impressed with Dunnes Stores Cornelscourt, which is where I bought the CD - here's the receipt;

Dunnes Stores & An Post receipts
I am going to complain about this, and I do hope that Dunnes Stores will settle this without me having to actually ask my parents to send the CD back - although, they will, if it's necessary, but in such case, I would be expecting to get the postage fee covered by Dunnes as well. After all, they sold me a faulty CD, and I already paid myself sick to send the big Christmas parcel to Finland (see the An Post receipt in the above photo as well).

I would prefer to get a new copy of the same CD. Of course, it will be too late as my parents didn't get to enjoy it during this past Christmas period, but at least they could listen to it, come next Christmas. Alternatively, I would at least want my money back, but then I'd have to try and find this CD somewhere else, which could be tricky as the season is now over, so yes, I'd really want another copy - and this time I'd actually make sure that it works, before sending it to Finland again!

Larger version of the receipts can be seen here, and my contact info is here, should a Dunnes Stores representative wish to get in touch through this blog entry. (I will get in touch, anyway..)

Psst; They did send me a new CD, later on, which worked fine.


  1. What are dunnes stores doing to cornelscourt store I was there today with my mother who decided to have something to eat while I did the shopping all I can say is dreadful the food she got couldn't eat the store itself I will not be going back to as you would want to win the lotto to afford there outrageous prices

    1. I haven't been there in ages. Not really shopping at any Dunnes Stores lately as they've nothing near my current home.