Thursday, 31 January 2013

Not happy with this, but here goes..

So, I played with the webcam and photoshop, but it's so arseways that I'm going to have to do it better someday as it's just annoying me now. My light was on the wrong side, and unless I reorganise the whole attic, there's nothing I can do about it now.. I should have brushed my hair, to get rid of the wavy bits that aren't in the original picture - I'm not going to cut my hair shorter, though! My head is slightly tilted back, which fucks up the shape of the face, and doesn't leave enough hair visible on top of my head.. I couldn't be arsed to change my clothes, either, so that cardigan is kind of too obvious.. My chair is imaginary, and my hand position is wrong, anyway.. However, it was difficult as I had to balance stuff on my lap, so considering I only took one quick webcam snap for this, I guess it's not too bad.. But I'm a perfectionist, so I'll want to do it right, someday.

(Browse back a couple of entries, to see what this is about =)

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